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What is high moisture extrusion?

High moisture extrusion is a technique by which plant proteins can be shaped into meat-like products. These can be used as plant-based meat substitutes. Plant-based meat analogues offer an unique way to reduce the environmental footprint of our diet.

How does it work?

Plant protein powders (such as flours, concentrates or blends) are loaded into the barrel and are mixed with water. By application of high pressure and increasing temperature a certain degree of friction and shearing is achieved. This in combination with a cooling die, leads to fiber formation of the plant protein. The result is a meat-free product with a meat-like texture and bite.

Our extrusion equipment

Thermo Scientific Process 11

Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

Barrel Zones


7 x 5 L/D electrical heated
and water cooled

Fully segmented, co-rotating

Main challenges

The main challenges we see for plant-based products

Cost reduction of formulations

Non-soy recipes

Non-allergen recipes

Masking off-notes

How can we support your company with these challenges?

Our lab-scale extruder is an excellent screening tool for new (cheaper) ingredients, formulations or (components of) flavoring products. Depending on the type of ingredients, up to 60 formulations can be tested in one day, with quantities starting at 100 grams of a blend. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you in the development of cheaper, more sustainable and tastier products!

Previously developed HME products

100% Plant-based