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What is extrusion?

A large part of the current plant-based meat products contain textured vegetable proteins or some form of extruded products. Extrusion is a process in which a powdered material (such as a protein containing flour) is hydrated, and heated under a high degree of pressure. By forcing it through a die, the product (or extrudate) is given its required shape. The result is a product of low cost, sustainabe, and versatile for production of a wide variety of food products, such as plant-based burgers, chicken breasts or sausages. Depending on the moisture content of the final product, we categorize the production processes in low moisture extrusion or high moisture extrusion . Each process results in its own unique product.

What are the differences between high and low moisture extrusion?

Low moisture extrusion High moisture extrusion

Moisture content (%) 20-40 50-70
Structure Sponge-like texture (air cell) Fibrous structure like muscle meat
Die type Short die slit Long cooling die
Texture Higher in springiness Higher in hardness, cutting strength, and integrity index
Nitrogen solubility index Higher Lower
Consumption Rehydration prior to consumtion Direct consumption
Storage Dried, stored at room temperature Frozen storage
Shelf-life At least 6-12 months With several weeks/months
  • Meat extenders e.g. nuggets, burgers, sausages and hams
  • Ground meat substitutes
Complete meat replacement with flavourings
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Advantages of extrusion at Future Foods BV

Short lead times (testing is possible within weeks)

Screen your novel products (such as proteins, fibers, flavorings, etc.) in high or low moisture         extrusion

Lab-scale size extruder, only grams of your product are needed to develop your own high or low         moisture extrusion products

Test up to 60 samples per day (depending on ingredient type)

Our extrusion equipment

Thermo Scientific Process 11

Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

Barrel Zones


7 x 5 L/D electrical heated
and water cooled

Fully segmented, co-rotating